5 27 2014

coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee (and waterpaint shut up)

trying out water colors

water paint on paper

September 2013

Star girl

Voor loes

August 2013

OIl paint and acrylic on canvas. + a Butterfly’s wings (I volunteered in a botanic garden thing for a while; no butterflies were harmed.) and colored ink (which gave it this awesome effect where, when you move, each painting shines in a different color.

skyline sunset of a city

July 2013

paper, crayon and ink.

Voor mama

maart 2012

acrylic & oil paint on canvas (and a piece or carton and glue)

acrylic on canvas (and some inspiration from the sun)

July 2011

First time Oil paint

~september 2011

oil paint on canvas



Acrylic & pencil on canvas